Tips On How To Grow A Healthy Natural Hair


Have you been struggling on how to keep your hair natural? Well I have six proven steps you can follow to achieve that. 

1. Ditch the comb : engage in finger untangling more and if  the need for comb arise, use a wide tooth comb.

2. Do a protein treatment regime at least once a month and at most twice a month.

3. Practice a hair rinse regime: There are different kinds of hair rinses. We have the rice water rinse, black tea rinse, oil rinse. Although these are others, these are the ones I have personally done and they have worked pretty much.

4. Do a co- wash at least once a month. Too much of the shampoo can dry out our hair, hence once in a while, instead of using shampoo, just use a conditioner only. (Co- wash).

5. Moisturize your hair regularly to ensure that it doesn’t get dry. Dry hair is what leads to itchy scalp and dandruff. A spray bottle can be used here to make things easier.

6. Drink water regularly.